At White Crane Weddings, Christian and Stacie make it easy for unconventional couples who cherish -not only- their relationship, but their own personal unique sense of style.

Christian has been photographing for over two years, and specializes in portraiture. He has worked with clients all around the world, and captures their unique personalities. Christian brings a new perspective and point of view behind the camera, and helps our clients become more comfortable in front of the camera.

Stacie has a specialty in capturing candids and movement. Her career in photography started with photojournalism and has moved to weddings, portrait, and womens fashion work. She is great at capturing movement, which makes her a unique photographer.

As a team, Christian & Stacie capture the candid and genuine moments of their clients. They have traveled the world as photographers from Paris, to Beijing. They both share a passion for travel, and in capturing special moments in life. 




Stacie, Christian, &Django currently reside in New York City.

Stacie, Christian, &Django currently reside in New York City.

"Such amazing work! Christian & Stacie are so funny. Your laughs and smiles will be genuine in the photos." -Chalisse S.

"Christian understood our vision and captured it perfectly on our wedding day." -Trevor B.