About White Crane Weddings


At White Crane Weddings, Stacie makes it easy for unconventional couples who cherish -not only- their relationship, but their own personal unique sense of style. Our couples are the kind of people who think outside of the box. If you want to capture your confident and unique style, and awesome personality then Stacie of White Crane Weddings is the photographer to book.

Stacie has been capturing moments of unique individuals for over three years. Her career in photography started with photojournalism as she traveled through the country of China for half of a year. She is a fan of the unconventional, and treasures anything with unique authenticity. Stacie helps bring out the genuine happiness of couples in her wedding photography. With a background in fashion, Stacie is passionate about capturing moments of non-traditional brides who don’t hold a “typical” Pinterest wedding (in other words, she loves a couple with a kick ass sense of style!)







This is Stacie Buhler, owner and operator of White Crane Weddings. She is the kind of woman you’ll find road tripping on the weekend with her man and two pups… Or stuffing her face with pizza while binge watching old episodes of Seinfeld on a weeknight.

Stacie has her own unique sense of style and highly values appreciating differences in herself and others. She loves working with brides who cherish the differences, the small details, and who LOVE having a good time. There will always be laughing and dancing on a shoot with Stacie as your photographer.