Melia & Jacob First Look by Stacie Yue


A beautiful first look and bridal session in the mountains with these life long lovers. These two have been together since their Jr. High days. Impressed? Me too. 

Melia & Jacob's love shines brightly against the background of Tibble Fork in American Fork Canyon. Melia looked so so dreamy! I'd say Jacob agrees :)


 This photo was a special request of Melia's mom, who fondly remembers how Jacob used to kiss Melia's hand when they were high school sweethearts.

This photo was a special request of Melia's mom, who fondly remembers how Jacob used to kiss Melia's hand when they were high school sweethearts.


Karel & Tyler Wedding Day by Stacie Yue

An intimate ceremony and cultural celebration in a Barn, on the cutest farm, surrounded by their closest family and friends .

Karel Sang the sweetest vows on her ukelele. The wedding party played a traditional Filipino stick game. Everyone boogied and everyone felt the love.  

I hope you all enjoy this wedding day story through photos. Especially those floral hoops. I mean COME ON. I don't think i'll ever get over those. 

Hailey & Vince Bridals by Stacie Yue

I met Hailey at the bridal fair. When she told me she had a blue skirt for her wedding dress i knew i had to take her photos! She has killer style and rocked that gorgeous floral head piece! The day of their shoot it was raining so we got to shoot at one of my very favorite places. The state capital building. I loved the way Hailey’s blue skirt and the marble were vibin’ together. Now lets get to the good stuff. 

Their Story

Hailey and Vince met while working a seasonal job in Ketchikan, Alaska. They worked at a lodge where all the coworkers worked & lived at the same place. When they first met, Vince seemed to avoid talking to Hailey or interacting with her whenever possible. She was convinced he didn't like her. 

One day Vince was finally forced to acknowledge her when, by pure coincidence, they were the only 2 with the day off. As it turns out, they actually had a lot in common and they spent the day talking about their families and their lives back home. After that conversation they spent nearly every day together. By the end of the season they were officially dating & decided to meet each other's families. Vince is originally from a tiny town in Kentucky & Hailey is from Utah, so they made arrangements to spend a couple weeks in each other's home towns. 

After spending the winter apart, they decided to do another season together in Alaska working for the same company. Vince met Hailey in Utah & they drove to British Colombia (36 long hours) and took a ferry into Ketchikan.

By the time they were ending their second season, they were eager to get home & start their lives together, so, just like they used to do in the 1st grade, they made a paper chain to count down the days. On each link they wrote inside jokes or funny memories for the other one to read. On their last day Hailey opened the paper link and read "will you marry me?" she turned around & Vince was on one knee. And that's when she said yes and jumped on him.

Hailey says, “I don't know how the universe knew to put us both in Alaska at the same time,  but I am forever grateful that it did.”